Welcome to “Not Provided” The UK’s Most Valuable Domain Name!

Ok so whats it all about?

Why is this the UK’s most valuable domain name you ask? Well, (not provided) is the number 1 converting keyword in the UK across all websites, all industries and all platforms! Check you’re Google Analytics account if you don’t believe us!

Millions of sales and leads are converted through this keyword everyday in the UK alone!

Confused? Maybe this blog post will help you understand. Its is all about Google’s controversial SSL Update and how they are taking away analytic’s data away from website/business owners from all over the world!

Help and Join the Petition!

This controversial Google updated has already hit Google.com signed in users and because we want to stop this hitting .co.uk users we have set up a petition!

Help stop Google and join the petitioners >>>

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Sign the UK Google Petition!

Google Keyword Transparency Petition

Dear Google,

We are joining our American friends against the removal of keyword referrer information and want to avoid you rolling out this update to Google.co.uk

As publishers of content on the internet, we feel that the removal of keyword referrer information from the natural search results damages our ability to deliver good quality content to our users.

By removing this data Google is not only hurting legitimate websites, but potentially pushing lower quality sites further into black hat data collection methods (ie spyware) in order to compensate for this data loss.

We believe that the security argument is fatally undermined by the inconsistency in allowing keyword data to still be sent unsecured via your advertisers.

There are ways of securely sending keyword referral information to websites without compromising privacy, and without negatively affecting webmasters' ability to create good quality websites, and we ask that you seriously consider alternatives to the current implementation that would support this.

[insert name here]

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